FreeBSD and ECC memory?

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Fri Jul 25 13:33:34 UTC 2008


If you can afford it, always buy the ECC.  Saves your bacon more often  
than not in the long run.

My Mac Pro personal desktop has it.  It developed an issue in one of  
the sticks.  The system detected that many errors were getting  
corrected, and disabled the whole stick.  Sure I lost 2GB but the  
system did not go down.  I can shut it down and replace the memory at  
my leisure.

A Solaris 10 server I run has a memory stick creating many errors.   
System is still up and I can replace the stick when I can without a  
hard crash.

ECC cannot necessarily protect you from every memory issue but it can  
protect you from many sorts of memory issues and can keep you from  
having hard crashes and allow you to fix problems on your schedule  
instead of in a panic.  First time you have a hard crash due to memory  
issues you will wish you had ECC.  (And a motherboard that supports  


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