new vanilla system fails to install many packages/ports

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Jul 24 23:56:22 UTC 2008

Steve Franks wrote:
> I must be missing something obvious.  About 25% of my dependencies
> fail to install with errors like:
> "install-info: /usr/local/info/dir: empty file"
> "pkg-add: command 'install-info --quiet /' failed"
> system is 7.0/i386
> Steve

"info" is GNU-related.  Any reason that GNU-stuff, esp.
"info", wouldn't have been installed/built thus far?
(I dunno, but, maybe a csup with the GNU stuff rejected
or commented out ...)

And anything these ports have in common (assuming they're
all GNU for starters).  They aren't Linuxolator stuff?

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Kevin Kinsey
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