Monitoring CPU temperature: mbmon shows 201 degrees C

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at
Mon Jul 21 15:18:05 UTC 2008

Achilleas Mantzios wrote:
>> My office goes to 38C in summer, and all 5 computers just keep on 
>> going, using the principles above.  I fitted a fan to the UPS as well 
>> (-:
> My box has 3 fans, one on the case blowing from outside=>inside,
> one in the power supply and one on the CPU.
> In the evening, i will have the case/board inside blown/cleaned with air,
> i am gonna close the case, and i am gonna tune BIOS to fail-safe settings.
> Apart from that, i would like to have a reliable tool to monitor temperature.
> Is there anything in mind?

As you already noticed, mbmon is no good in recent hardware. It works 
successfully in my 865-based systems though.
As others have said, I would recommend adding a rear out-take fan. Do 
not rely on the PSU's fan to take all the warm air out. The PSU 
generates heat on its own, and the fan may not be sufficient. A rear 
out-take fan should be located rather high - at CPU height - since warm 
air always goes up. This is where most cases have a place for the fan 

A note for monitoring: If you are using FreeBSD 7.0 and you have an 
Intel Core CPU, there is a new coretemp(4) driver that can actually read 
the on-die digital thermal sensor. Have a look at man coretemp

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