Firefox 3 problems - SLOW...

Keith Seyffarth weif at
Mon Jul 14 00:57:50 UTC 2008

Has anyone else had problems with Firefox 3 installed from the ports
being massively slow?

Unlike on Windows, where the load time for the application is much
slower (takes roughly twice as long as FF2 did), but once the
application is loaded, it seems to be about the same, on my BSD box,
the application loads in a little under half the time, but each page
load takes much, much longer (8 minutes for the google firefox start
page, 16 minutes for the welcome to Firefox 3 page, 10 minutes for the
mozillazine home page, 6 minutes for each mozallazine forum page). On
top of this, once the page is loaded, it take 90-120 seconds before
you can interact with a page, and even then, interaction is slow - 5
seconds between clicking in the scroll bar and the window moving, 15
seconds between clicking a link and the browser acknowledging the

Is there maybe an issue with the port, or does the application just
not work well on FreeBSD?

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