general question - php5 extensions

Brad Mettee bmettee at
Fri Jul 11 19:30:21 UTC 2008

I've been banging my head for 2 days trying to get php5 compiled with 
extensions OR a way to find the .so files so it could dynamically link 
them. I've finally stumbled on the php5-* directories in the ports tree and 
it's compiling extensions right now, except that I keep having to deinstall 
an extension then restart the php5-extension make again so it can continue.

Why isn't there a single folder under the lang/php5 directory that would 
put all of the extensions in the same place? Having them broken up into all 
of the varying places in the tree makes it extremely difficult to find 
them. Or maybe at least have sym links to them in one place.

This is just for discussion, I don't expect an actual answer..........

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