How do I install openoffice from packages?

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at
Wed Jul 9 14:58:56 UTC 2008


On Wed, 9 Jul 2008, Andreas Davour wrote:

> I've tried and it just wont work. It look like the packages don't reside on 
> the server but I can't change so how do I get it?

From the Googling I did on the subject recently there is no official 
binary packages for OpenOffice available.  It is available in the ports 
tree.  The following thread:

on Dæ has a link to a site:

With binary packages available for various versions of FreeBSD.  Well, the 
thread pointed to the i386 packages, but the amd64 packages were easy 
enough to find.

I had no trouble installing OpenOffice 3 from ports on my i686 box, other 
than it taking 8+ hours to compile and my PC locked up shortly after it 
completed.  I thought it had locked up during the compile but eventually 
discovered that it had completed the install successfully before locking 
up.  I'm still getting the kinks out of my ZFS tweaks.

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