.htaccess or OS related?

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Mon Jul 7 12:47:50 UTC 2008

In response to "Jos Chrispijn" <jos at webrz.net>:

> Bill,
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Keep the list in the loop on replies.

> > The algorithm is part of Apache and has little or nothing to do with
> > the OS on which it runs.
> I see, so .htpasswd is an Apache utility then; didn't know that.
> > And the encryption used to store passwords in .htaccess files is known
> > to be weak.  If you need something strong, look to one of the other mod_*
> > security packages instead of .htaccess passwords.
> What other mod_* security package would you recommend?

I won't _recommend_ anything.  However, I will point out that there's a
mod_ldap, mod_auth_kerb, and mod_auth_pam.  There are probably others
that I'm forgetting.

Bill Moran

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