linux_base and SMP support ?

P.Moulin boris.moulin at
Sun Jul 6 10:00:27 UTC 2008

Hi there.

I recently added linux_base-fc4 on a host, to run linux
setiathome enhanced versions (aka crunchers).

The problem is that on multicore engines (core 2 duo, pentium D, etc...)
where before there was 2 freebsd-crunchers on 2 differents core,
now, with linux-crunchers, the 2 crunchers are sharing only 1 core.

Can someone tell me what's wrong with this ?  Have I missed something ?
Is it an incompatibility from linux_base with smp hardware ?

This problem seems to affects only freebsd 6.x, not the 7 branch.
My kernels are all compiled with SMP support.

I'm working for years with freebsd, but consider I'm really a newbee
with linux.

T.I.A.		PM.

PS: if you want to join us:
(we have the 5th position in our country statistics; we are one of the
oldiest team in our country; we tend to use mostly freebsd powered
engines (56% freebsd today, 73% if you consider "Darwin" being a

(thanks to read this, not so long, email till this line ;-)

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