Starting X: Intel GM965/GL960

Frank Shute frank at
Thu Jan 31 07:34:59 PST 2008

On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 09:42:48PM +0000, Siraj Shaikh wrote:
> Frank
> I have added DefaultColorDepth 24 to it as you said, but still havent
> changed the keyboard settings (mine is a UK keyboard according to
> sysintall). I have posted the contents of Xorg.0.log in reply to an
> earlier email in this thread. Did you get it?

Hi Siraj,

Yes, I saw it.

Here's the problem: you've got an Intel i810 graphics chipset with a
Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller.

If you look at the manpage i810(4) you will see that it isn't
supported yet (or not as the port existed a few days ago) so X is
falling back to VESA mode.

Now from your log, it looks like you could get vesa mode going but it
would be at 640x480 i.e: pretty unusable for X.

It looks like it's working with Linux:

So what I suggest you do is wait patiently for the port to be

What you could do is post your xorg.conf to: freebsd-x11 at
with a description of your graphics hardware and ask them why it seems
to work under Linux and not under FreeBSD. Or if it does work under
FreeBSD, how to get it going.

I'm cc'ing this to freebsd-x11. Perhaps you can reply back with your
xorg.conf & hopefully the good folks on that list can help you out.




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