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Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Jan 28 09:20:46 PST 2008

In response to chloe K <chloekcy2000 at>:

> Hi all
> I am using the name server in freebsd 6.1
> there are 2G memory but top is only using
> Mem: 207M Active, 420M Inact, 185M Wired, 112M Buf, 1158M Free
> How can I increase the box performance used for name server only?
> I want to use most of memory in cache name server

What makes you think it needs any more memory?  A caching nameserver isn't
a terribly memory-intensive unit.  In the past, I've run quite peppy
systems on a few hundred megs of RAM.

I expect the 207M is all the system actually needs.  Even if you figure
1K per entry, that's still 200,000 names it has cached.

Bill Moran

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