Net-snmp on SPARC64

shinny knight sh1nny_kn1ght at
Thu Jan 24 13:35:07 PST 2008


I'm trying to upgrade Net-snmp package on FreeBSD 6.2 SPARC-64 machine but no matters if I'm trying port install or precompiled by using 'pkg_add -r' is not working.
Let's start with precompiled package:

Uninstall previous one (which by the way was net-snmp-5.1.3)

[root at dnscache1 net-snmp]# pkg_add -r net-snmp
Fetching Done.
pkg_add: warning: package 'net-snmp-5.2.3_3' requires 'perl-5.8.8', but 'perl-5.8.8_1' is installed

[root at dnscache1 net-snmp]# cat /usr/local/etc/snmpd.conf
rocommunity public x.x.x.x
[root at dnscache1 net-snmp]# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/snmpd start
Starting snmpd.
[root at dnscache1 net-snmp]#
[root at dnscache1 ]# sockstat -4 |grep 161
root     snmpd      39606 14 udp4   *:161                 *:*
[root at dnscache1 ]# ps aux |grep snmpd
root    39606  0.0  0.7 23408  7160  ??  S     9:57PM   0:00.58 /usr/local/sbin/snmpd -c /usr/local/etc/snmpd.conf -p /var/run/

[root at dnscache1 ]# cat /etc/rc.conf |grep snmpd

[root at dnscache1 ]# ls /usr/local/etc/snmpd.conf
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  138 Jan 24 21:53 /usr/local/etc/snmpd.conf

[root at dnscache1 ]# tail -f /var/log/snmpd.log
sysctl: physmem: Cannot allocate memory
NET-SNMP version 5.2.3
Connection from UDP: [a.a.a.a]:57287
no storage for OID
[root at dnscache1 ]# 

[root at dnscache1 ]# uname -a
FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE #0: Fri Jan 12 23:30:59 UTC 2007     root at  sparc64

[root at dnscache1 ]# sysctl -a |grep physmem
hw.physmem: 1063469056

Needles to say that I have plenty of free memory on the server, more than 350MB reported as free by top.
I've noticed that CPU insted is going high for snmpd process:

39879 root        1 132    0 51912K 31416K RUN      3:54 80.86% snmpd
A snmpwalk from other machines is not returning anything.
[root at nms ]# snmpwalk -v 1 -c public x.x.x.x
Timeout: No Response from x.x.x.x

Packets are reaching the server and appear also in snmpd.log file:

[root at dnscache1 catalin]# tail -f /var/log/snmpd.log
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:59023
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:59023
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:59023
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:59023
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:50194
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:50194
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:50194
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:50194
Connection from UDP: [x.x.x.x]:50194

No other error message in /var/log files except above one.
Only strange thing is that warning for Perl, but I guess 5.8.8_1 should be fully compatible with 5.8.8 since it's only a patch issues by maintainers.

Did anybody experienced issues with same? Any ideas what could be the reason?
TIA for help.

Best Regards,

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