sysinstall and bsdlabel/boot

Nerius Landys nlandys at
Mon Jan 14 21:57:52 PST 2008

I was trying to install 7.0RC1 (hope it's OK to post this here, because I
believe that older versions of FreeBSD have this same limitation) and came
across a gotcha.  I had an MBR on disk that I wanted to keep.  It was Lilo
and all it did was boot a selected slice, it was configured to function the
same as FreeBSD's `boot0'.  So, the install of FreeBSD came to the area
where it asks what to do with the MBR.  There are three choices: 1) boot
manager, 2) simple MBR, and 3) do nothing.  I chose to do nothing because I
wanted to keep Lilo in the MBR.  But, by choosing this option, I expected
sysinstall to install the /boot/boot code to the beginning of the FreeBSD
slice.  Well, no such boot code was installed, apparently, unless I totally
missed something.  Basically, after the install, when I delegated Lilo to
boot the chosen [FreeBSD] slice, it did not find any boot code on that

My workaround for this was to choose option 1) boot manager.  I ended up
using boot0 (the boot manager) which I feel is superior to Lilo because it
is more modular, simpler.  However, some users may not want this.  I didn't
find any option in sysinstall to install just the /boot/boot code to the
beginning of the FreeBSD slice.  Am I missing something?

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