Updating 7.0-BETA2 to RC1...

peter.piggybox at virgin.net peter.piggybox at virgin.net
Tue Jan 8 14:07:20 PST 2008

Jonathan Chen <jonc at chen.org.nz> wrote:
>On Tue, Jan 08, 2008 at 07:19:00AM +0000, peter.piggybox at virgin.net wrote:
>> I'm shortly going to update my laptop from 7.0-BETA2 (a fresh install) to 7.0-RC1. I'll do this with a buildworld/installworld cycle. However, reading the site for freebsd-update I noticed that if I were to do a binary upgrade then it recommends rebuilding all ports as well.
>> Is rebuilding all ports something I should consider if I'm doing a source-based upgrade too? Even though I'm not crossing a major version boundary?
>Yes. There was an API change in the system-base, which requires a
>ports-rebuild just to be safe.

Thanks for this. I guess I need to budget a bit more time for that upgrade then...

Peter Harrison.

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