port collection RELEASE6.2 lost after reinstall with CVSUP

Frank Shute frank at esperance-linux.co.uk
Mon Jan 7 03:26:48 PST 2008

On Mon, Jan 07, 2008 at 09:03:12AM +0000, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Frank Shute wrote:
> > So if it's not branched but tagged, what's the difference between the
> > ports tree I get if I use RELENG_4_8  compared to RELENG_7_0 as tags
> > in my ports supfile?
> Probably not a very great deal -- you'll get equally disappointing
> results for both of those.  RELENG_X and RELENG_X_Y tags / branches
> apply to the src collection *only*.  If you try and use them on the
> ports you'll end up with a whole lot of nothing.  None of the ports
> tree is intentionally tagged with anything matching 'RELENG'

This is where the original poster went wrong, he first off used tag=.
which got him current ports, decided he wanted 6.2 ports and used
RELENG_6_2 as a tag in his ports supfile and got nothing.

> In general, you always want the HEAD of the ports tree.  There's
> very little point in using anything else.  

I was trying to make the point you should use tag=. in ports supfile.

> However it is possible
> to use RELEASE_X_Y_0 to match the state of the ports tree used
> to generate the packages distributed with X.Y RELEASE, or if you
> still haven't upgraded all your 4.x machines yet, you can use
> RELEASE_4_EOL to match the last state of the tree before the 4.x
> compatability code was stripped out.

This I didn't know. It used to be AFAIR that because of disk
constraints only head was available. But I see from the CVS tags page
that you can get the tree in it's old state with tags such as:




> Note that cvsup'ing an old version of the ports tree is not
> guaranteed to provide a workable ports collection: the dist files
> the ports rely upon are not in the control of the FreeBSD project
> and there is no assurance that old versions of software are still
> available for download.  Plus you will be struggling with unfixed
> security bugs if you've installed portaudit -- or installing
> vulnerable software if you haven't.

I can't see the point in holding old versions of the ports tree except
for nostalgic reasons and masochists. Although, I suppose
portdowngrade works with it (never used it).

Even the oldest machine you can usually upgrade to something new. E.g
Tags for my webserver (300MHz Celeron 128MB) is tag=. for ports and
RELEASE_6_3 for src. Works fine. Used to have problems building ruby
due to the low memory so just built a package on my workstation and
copied it over.

> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

Thanks for explaining how things currently stand, Matthew.




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