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Rudy wrote:
>> By the way, I had some problems installing flash7 from ports a
>> few days ago. It didn't like the size of the file and would fail
>> even if you downloaded from Adobe and copied to ports/disfiles. I
>> later did a 'portsnap fetch update'  that  must have gotten
>> updated makefiles and fixed that problems. Anybody else with that
>> issue should try updating the ports collection.
> Super you got it running.  PS, I had to do that as well...
> rm /usr/ports/distfiles/flashplugin/
> From full original instructions:
> Updating your ports (with portsnap or the cvsup) when trying to fix
>  problems is always a good idea.  Sometimes when everything seems
> busted the portupgrade tool can be helpful in rebuilding all your
> ports.  Set it running before you go to bed, and ta-da, in the
> morning everything is working -- or completely broken  :)

An other way to fix it in some ways is to run a make makesum to update
the distfile checksums

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