pIII coppermine?

Erich Dollansky oceanare at pacific.net.sg
Tue Jan 1 18:37:35 PST 2008


Chris Maness wrote:
> I have an ABIT VP6 dual socket that I want to use as my FreeBSD server.  
> I only have one CPU installed, and I was told that if I were to add 
> another CPU that the serial numbers of the CPU had to be sequential.  Is 
> this true?  I see these processors on e-bay for $7 it would be nice to 
> be able to boost the power of this box.

this is nonsense.

What would be helpful is the same stepping number.

As the price is low, jsut go for it.

Older CPUs needed that both CPU have had to be of the same stepping. 
Yours is new enough to work with any CPU of the same type.

Just make sure that this is the case. Same cache size, same clock rate ...


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