Configuring FBSD to use HP Photosmart C6180

White Hat pigskin_referee at
Sun Sep 30 14:12:56 PDT 2007

I just purchased a HP Photosmart C6180 All-in-One
printer. It is connected to my network via a wireless
network. The FBSD PC is hardwired to the router. The
printer works flawlessly from the WinXP machines on
the network.

I installed the 'hplip' port without any difficulties.
I tried "snmpwalk" and it worked fine. The problem is
that I do not know how to configure FBSD to use the
printer to print with. There does not seem to be any
real information on how to configure a remote printer
using the configuration that I have. I have tried
different setting in '/etc/printcap' but without
success. I cannot find any documentation on how to
configure this port correctly.

Perhaps, if someone is using this port they could
assist me.


White Hat 
pigskin_referee at

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