6.2 amd64 ufs_dirbad

Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at spiritual-machines.org
Sat Sep 29 14:16:09 PDT 2007

Can you post your dmesg(8) from /var/run/dmesg(8) so that we can see
your SATA controller information?

Can you try loading /usr/obj and /usr/src onto an alternate disk to see
if the problem is controller/HBA/sata cable/disk related?


On Fri, 2007-09-28 at 10:33 -0700, Eric Osterweil wrote:
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> I've been chasing my tail with a problem for a few days now and I'm  
> about to throw in the towel.  I have a Tyan Thunder K8SR w/ 2  
> amd64's, 6GB of mem, and a 250 GB SATA drive.
> I've been trying to get FreeBSD 6.2 amd64 on it.  When I do the  
> install, if I try to put the ports on, it reliably crashes with a  
> ufs_dirbad.  I can install w/o the ports.  I found a ref to booting  
> with:
> set hw.physmem="4G"
> and that gets me through (w/ the ports).
> When I buildworld, I eventually get the same ufs_dirbad.
> I have swapped out the drive and tried a new one (same problem).   
> WHenever I reboot (at all) if I fsck I see lots of filesystem  
> errors.  I just did a memtest86 over night, and found no problems.
> Can anyone help me out here?  I can provide any other info that would  
> help.
> Thanks,
> Eric
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