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On 9/28/07, Byung-Hee HWANG <bh at> wrote:
> In this case I think you are better to use Linux than to use FreeBSD
> because still it's difficult to operate Java stuff on FreeBSD. So I
> recommend that you should move to Linux.
Actually nowadays it is easy to use java and tomcat on freebsd.

First one has to install a JDK. I myself prefer diablo-jdk. Go to
/usr/ports/java/diablo-jdk15, type

make install

and follow the instructions. Due to java licenses you have to manually
fetch some files from internet and put them in /usr/ports/distfiles.

If you are required to use sun jdk, you can install it from
java/jdk15. Note that it will need an existing jdk to bootstrap. By
default it uses linux-sun-jdk and I had problems with it in the past.
In this case I used diablo-jdk and sun jdk15 installed correctly. From
my experinece, however, I can tell that tomcat runs fine with

Next go to /usr/ports/www/tomcat55/ and install it and you have java and tomcat.

> I/You/He/She/We love FreeBSD,
> though;;
Oh yes, we loves FreeBSD, don't we, my precious?


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