How to know who use NFS.

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Fri Sep 21 13:19:40 PDT 2007

 Le 21/09/2007 à 13:59:35-0500, Dan Nelson a écrit
> In the last episode (Sep 21), Le Cocq Michel said:
> > Albert Shih a écrit :
> > > Sometime I've a user (or some users but not lot of users) make a
> > > very huge transfert through NFS. I don't want that.
> > >
> > > How can I known at un precise moment who charge my NFS server (I'm
> > > root in both side : client and server).
> >
> > With some info student it also happen some times in here, and the way i
> > find is to launch a tcpdum or ethereal on the server and look at which
> > ip appear the more often
> I think ethereal/wireshark is your best bet too.  At least with it you
> can filter on the userid making an NFS request (it's rpc.auth.uid). 
> Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's a summary or analysis option
> for NFS, so you'll have to count packets maually...

Thanks for that.

But my problem is the NFS traffic is heavy in standard time, and wireshark
or tcpdump give my lot of lot of data. 

But I'm going to try again.


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