Repeated PXE jumpstart

Erik Cederstrand erik at
Thu Sep 20 23:00:28 PDT 2007


I'm trying to set up a system to continually and automatically run 
benchmarks on the most recent CURRENT. The idea is to PXE-boot the 
server, do an automated jumpstart installation, reboot and run a few 
benchmarks. Lather, rinse, repeat.

My problem is when the jumpstart installation finishes. I set PXE-boot 
as the first option in the BIOS to start the installation. To complete 
the installation I need to reboot the server from the hard-disk, but I 
don't want to enter the BIOS on each reboot to change the boot sequence.

What are my options? Can I simply set the hard-disk as the first option 
in the boot sequence (with PXE second) and then wipe the MBR when the 
system comes up after an install, so the BIOS will continue to PXE? How 
would i do that?


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