6.2 Headless Installs Don't Seem to Work.

Watanabe Kazuhiro CQG00620 at nifty.ne.jp
Wed Sep 19 09:01:50 PDT 2007


At Tue, 18 Sep 2007 06:32:07 -0500,
Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	As a computer user who happens to be blind, I have
> always wanted to use the headless installation method to build
> FreeBSD systems. After FreeBSD version 5, things seemed to go a
> bit wrong and I am trying to figure out whether it is me not
> doing something right or if there is a bug.
> 	The sequence as I understand it from previous
> documentation is to boot the CD, wait for the lull in activity
> and then hit the number 6. After that, you type 
> boot -h
> and the serial port usually comes up.
> 	On some systems, it comes up at the wrong speed which
> turns out to be 115,200 baud, but it does come up.
> 	What then happens after that is what I am writing this
> message about.
> 	The kernel on the CD boots but then it can't seem to
> find the hard drives and the whole process is dead on arrival
> with a spew of errors about not finding any media followed by a
> lockup.
> 	If I have a cowworker help me and run the install off
> the new system's video display, all is well and we get a good
> FreeBSD installation.
> 	Can anybody think of a way to get the headless install
> to work in FreeBSD 6.2?
> 	Many thanks.



instead of "boot -h".
Watanabe Kazuhiro (CQG00620 at nifty.ne.jp)

R.I.P. Colin McLae.

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