cron jobs not done during sleep

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Mon Sep 17 08:31:08 PDT 2007

In response to "Steve Franks" <stevefranks at>:

> Correct me if I'm wrong, but cron doesn't keep track of the last time
> something was done, does it?  Which is to say if my system is crashed,
> was asleep, or powered off when a job is supposed to happen, it will
> not happen the next time the system is successfully operational, will
> it?  It's not obvious to me for sure either way from any sources I've
> read (man crontab, google), and unix tends towards k.i.s.s. (which is
> why we like it)
> ...I understand why that would be important behavior if something
> would cause problems executed other than 9am on Mondays...
> Is there a tool or setting to implement this functionality?  I want
> something to happen weekly, I don't care when.  Assume I am off the
> commercial power grid and I'm not going to leave my system powered on
> just to make sure my backups get run.  I use it when I need it, then I
> turn it off.  More people should.  Electricity is not free from a
> economic, social, or environmental perspective, and promises to be
> less so with time.

BSD's cron doesn't have this functionality.

The Linux folks have a cron-ish program that does recognize when jobs
have been missed and runs them at the earliest opportunity.  I dislike
it, personally, but I can see where it's convenient in some circumstances.

It's in ports.

Bill Moran

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