UserID/Samba issue for wheel group members - newbie poster

free4all free4all at
Fri Sep 7 01:36:37 PDT 2007

Hello all,

I have an interesting but frustrating issue that I've not been able to 
diagnose and/or resolve.


FreeBSD 6.1 Release fileserver (generic kernel) running samba-2.2.12_2.

Desktops are Windows XP SP2, all up to date patch-wise, mapping various 
Samba shares.


When I run smbstatus, all users that are members of the wheel group show 
a UID of root and a GID of <username>.

Users who are not members of the wheel group show a UID of <username> 
and a GID of <username>.  Equally, removing a user from the wheel group 
reverts them to <username>/<username> UID/GID at next logon.

I have two sites running essentially identical hardware/software 
configurations at both server and desktop level.  But on the second 
site, members of the wheel group have a UID of <username> and a GID of 
<username>, which is precisely as it should be, as far as I understand.

I'll take this opportunity to mention that I also have a 4.11 server, 
again with some wheel group members, and in this case too, UID and GID 
for these wheel group members are <username> and <username>.

I've kept this as simple as I could, but would happily provide more info 
if I've omitted anything critical or relevant.

The issue is not causing any specific operational issues, but is 
annoying when I want to use smbstatus -u<username> as I obviously get no 
result for wheel group members unless I specify a username of root.

If there's an obvious issue, and you wish to spare me embarrassment, 
feel free to contact me directly at averay at, with the 
obvious adjustments.  If etiquette is that a response to the group is 
appropriate, I can live with the shame :) .

I've extensively searched but can't find a match to my specific 

Many thanks in advance of any suggestions.



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