mail server setup questions

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Wed Sep 5 14:04:18 PDT 2007

> I would submit you think you do.  For example, are you planning on
> putting a webmail interface on the server?  A lot of people do.  Well
> if you do and you put a scrap of CGI on there that has a hole in it
> a spammer can come along and cause that to relay mail from incoming
> http right into your mail queue.  He doesen't need root access to
> do this.

I have never stated interest in putting web mail up in my to-do list,
and in fact, have explicitly stated at least once, I've no intention
of doing that. To be blunt, I don't trust it. I only use it for things
on which I don't care about the security (ex. reading mailing lists).
I care about the security of my server.

-Jim Stapleton

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