temporary su login

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Sep 5 13:13:21 PDT 2007

Eric Crist wrote:
> I'm sure nobody will mention this, so I will.  On most systems with 
> support ACPI, your colo provider can simply press the power button on 
> the front of your server.  FreeBSD's kernel will pick up the signal and 
> shut down cleanly.
> Once you're moved, they can press the same button to power the system 
> on.  There is *NO* need to give them login access to the box.  Also, 
> they could simply call you to have you shut it down.

many good ideas; thanks.

I guess since they ask for an ip based mechanism that I'll create a 
special user in the operator group and do the chmod trick on shutdown.
Robin Becker

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