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Wed Sep 5 05:59:09 PDT 2007

On Sep 5, 2007, at 5:46 AMSep 5, 2007, Jim Stapleton wrote:

>> All the authentication options you mention after plain text (which  
>> is the
>> standard method built in to the protocol) require Cyrus SASL. This  
>> isn't as
>> scary to set up as the docs make it sound. PLAIN and LOGIN can  
>> both use your
>> existing user passwords (which is what I do). GSSAPI requires  
>> Kerberos, and
>> the digest methods (the -MD5 ones) need a separate file of  
>> passwords held in
>> plain text - the sasldb. Of the passwd-based methods, PLAIN is the  
>> preferred
>> protocol according to the docs and RFCs - LOGIN is the one  
>> Microsoft uses (go
>> figure).
> Thanks, that's almost all of what I needed there. You insinuated (but
> I don't think explicitly stated) that LOGIN is in fact encrypted in
> some form?
> Thanks,

Only across SSL/TLS connections.

Eric F Crist
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