remote install of 6.2

Mark Messier mark at
Thu Mar 8 22:08:13 UTC 2007

I have a remote machine running 4.8-p21.  The system has two disks in
it, but only one is used on a daily basis (the other is filled via dd
every now and then).

I want to get this remote machine running 6.2, so I figured I'ld
install the new OS on the second disk, then boot off the second disk,
leaving the original first disk with all the user data on it (plus as
a way to back out).

When I try to use /stand/sysinstall for this it seg-faults
early in the installation, but after the "Commit" step.

I figure this is because the install process has changed a bit
since 4.8.

Is there a way to fix this and/or what is the best way to achieve
my goal... which is:  install 6.2 on a remote system without hammering
the current system disk?


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