How do I get back

Gerard gerard at
Sun Jun 24 12:17:48 UTC 2007

On June 23, 2007 at 06:20PM Andrew Falanga wrote:

> I found this just before reading this message.  I was reading in
> UPDATING on something that wasn't quite related to my problem about
> PHP and saw a suggestion to do "make config" before upgrading.  Well,
> I decided to try that and sure enough, the Apache module wasn't
> selected.
> I figure what must have happened was some time ago I did a portupgrade
> -a and in that I must have deselected that module from the build and
> lost it.  Thanks again.  Everything's working now, even the pgsql
> module.

Hi Andy,

I is always a good idea to run 'make config' or perhaps 'make
config-recursive' or 'make config-conditional' in a port before
installing it for the first time. Check out 'man ports' for further


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