portupgrade -o strangeness...

Josh Tolbert hemi at puresimplicity.net
Tue Jun 12 03:41:14 UTC 2007

On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 12:04:38PM +0100, Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
> Josh Tolbert wrote:
> >(15:38:21 <hemi at demon:~>) $ pkg_info | grep bison
> >bison-1.75_2,1      A parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible with 
> >Yacc
> >(15:38:30 <hemi at demon:~>) $ sudo portupgrade -o devel/bison2 bison
> >(15:38:34 <hemi at demon:~>) $ sudo portupgrade -fo devel/bison2 bison
> >--->  Reinstalling 'bison-1.75_2,1' (devel/bison)
> > 
> >
> Have you tried "sudo portupgrade -f -o devel/bison2 bison" in case it's 
> some bug in parsing merged options?  Worth a PR in any case...
> Failing that you could just pkg_delete bison and install bison2 afresh.  
> You shouldn't have to but...
> --Alex

Hi Alex,

Yes, I did exactly that. Take a look at the example above. :)

Anyway, a PR has been filed and the response is, "it's a feature." I'm not
sure how it's a feature, but it is. The example I was given looks like this:

$ pkg_version -t 2.3_1 1.75_2,1

I'm guessing it's just doing some odd string comparison instead of breaking
the version number apart and handling it with weight on the major version
number, etc.

Ironically, portupgrade still does things right. portupgrade-devel is the
port I'm having problems with.


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