FreeBSD on Apple Mac Mini?

Sam Lawrance boris at
Sun Jun 3 10:02:26 UTC 2007

On 03/06/2007, at 10:26 AM, Richard Tobin wrote:

>>> Does FreeBSD run well on the Mac Mini (x86)?  I'm considering  
>>> getting
>>> one to use for both MacOS and FreeBSD (booting from an external  
>>> disk,
>>> if that's reasonable).
>> Yep, it works fine.  I used boot camp to create a small boot
>> partition on the internal drive, and it loads everything else from an
>> external USB drive.
> Thanks.  A few more questions:
>  - Any reason to prefer USB over Firewire?

No, it's just what I had.

>  - Do you have to use a boot partition on the internal disk?  Can
>    FreeBSD boot from external USB or Firewire?

I am not sure.  From what I understand, intel macs can boot from  
either USB or Firewire provided that they are partition using GPT.  I  
used a boot partition on the external disk because I couldn't get it  
to work, and didn't care to spend much time on it.

>  - Which release of FreeBSD are you using?


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