Problem with "ipfw flush"

Jeff Royle lists at
Wed Jan 24 20:59:29 UTC 2007

Jeff Royle wrote:
> Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
>> Hey all.
>> In trying to tweak my firewall setup I'm using a file called 
>> /etc/ipfw.rules
>> However, it seems even though I copy my rules perfectly to that file, 
>> the system freezes up and locks me out when I do:
>> ipfw -f flush; ipfw /etc/ipfw.rules
>> I've also tried doing it as
>> ipfw -f flush && ipfw /etc/ipfw.rules
>> But to no avail.
>> if it matters, ipfw is loaded as a kernel module, not compiled in.
>> -Dan
>> -- 
> I haven't used IPFW in a while but if I recall right IPFW has a default 
> policy of drop.   So when you flush the ruleset your pass rules are all 
> gone.
> You could run the command like: ipfw -f flush && ipfw /etc/ipfw.rules
> That should allow you flush and load your ruleset.   You may also want 
> to look into changing the default policy to accept.   However this may 
> require you to adjust your rules depending on how you wrote them.
> Cheers,
> Jeff
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Opps I am sorry, I got pulled away while reading your original email, 
guess I didn't finish reading it.  I see you are trying &&.

You still may want to look into a default policy of accept for IPFW, 
this way its a non issue.

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth! :)



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