console vesa mode switch needed earlier in boot phase

Gobbledegeek gobbledegeek at
Wed Jan 17 19:57:42 UTC 2007


Currently  the allscreens flags from /etc/rc.conf  is set  at the very
last during bootup - much after most kernel boot messages are logged
to  screen. Is there a way to make the switch to 1024x768 console much
earlier  in the boot process?

For example if I boot into single user mode,  I get  the regular
console with large fonts.

Is it  possible to  switch  to  vesa modes much  ealier than that?

Linux does it (why can't freebsd?!!)  :)

Does it require patching the kernel? Has anyone  done this before?

Please  reply-to-all as I'm not subscribed. Thanks.

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