Why is sysinstall considered end-of-life?

Jay Chandler chandler at chapman.edu
Wed Jan 10 22:44:16 UTC 2007

Howard Jones wrote:
> Andrea Venturoli wrote:
>> Apart from that, I used to be able to sysinsall a machine booting via
>> PXE. This doesn't work anymore in recent versions :-(
>> Or maybe it is just my incompetence, but then, if someone managed
>> this, I'd like to hear about it.
> This definitely works with 6.1-RELEASE, as I've just had the nice
> experience of taking delivery of a dozen Dell servers and had them all
> up and running with my own customisations and package selection in one
> afternoon with one keypress. They are installed as quick as I can press F12.
>> 2. it's way past what's currently considered "user friendly"
>> Please don't get any graphics bloatware in the way. :-)
> Amen.
> Really, if you are put off by the installer, then once that has
> completed., the rest of the "management tools" (i.e. vi) are not going
> give you the warm fuzzies either. If you need the graphical management,
> and nice installer, isn't that what PCBSD is for? Having a graphical
> installer would be like having a super luxury limo with bar and pool,
> but which stops in the desert and leaves you by a phone box.
I've been trying to script an install for FreeBSD since I just had a 
bunch of servers dropped on me-- may I ask how you did yours?

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