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Mon Jan 8 20:40:41 UTC 2007

John Nielsen wrote:
> On Monday 08 January 2007 14:52, DAve wrote:
>> We are moving to SAN in the near future to resolve a host of issues. I
>> have been looking through archives for information on FreeBSD and iSCSI
>> without much success.
>> We currently have 15 servers running FreeBSD and several more in the
>> queue/on order. It is looking like FreeBSD may not provide the
>> production level of iSCSI initiator we will require. (The iSCSI target
>> host will be a third party vendor)
>> I am sending a request for information to the project lead but I am also
>> interested in knowing if anyone is currently using any iSCSI with
>> FreeBSD and what your success failures might be.
> I just started using the latest iSCSI initiator[1] on my 6-STABLE desktop to 
> access some volumes on a LeftHand Networks SAN. It's a bit lacking in polish, 
> but it works quite well. The one big missing feature is that it doesn't 
> handle network disconnections. No panics or anything though, and performance 
> was what I expected.
> I'd be interested in what Danny tells you about the initiator's readiness for 
> production use, but in any case you'll probably just have to do some 
> stability and stress testing on your own.
> [1]
> JN

Thanks for the feedback.


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