Ethernet controllers

Adam J Richardson fatman at
Thu Aug 30 08:18:53 PDT 2007

King Wong wrote:
> Dear Both,

"Both"? This list has more than two subscribers you know. :)

> Could you help me to check IBM x3250 server Ethernet controllers which can
> support FreeBSD? And the Server Ethernet is Broadcom NetXtreme.

I think most ethernet cards are fine with FreeBSD, if you're prepared to 
consider Project Evil aka ndisgen. [Warning: It's painful. Don't do it 
if you don't have to.] If I'm wrong someone will let us know. If you do 
get one which isn't compatible with FreeBSD, you could try NetBSD. 
AFAICT NetBSD is more about hardware compatibility than the other BSDs.

Adam J Richardson

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