Periodic Account Update

Nationwide Internet Banking Update notice at
Wed Aug 29 03:55:33 PDT 2007

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   Dear Valued Customer,
   As a bank we are used to thinking about security.
   The internet brings new risks that must also be recognized
   and guarded against. At Nationwide, we use industry standard security
   technology and practices,
   focusing on three key areas - privacy, technology and identification
   so we can safeguard your accounts from any unauthorized
   access. However, you too should play your part in protecting these
   As a part of our ongoing commitment to provide the "Best Possible"
   service and Protection to all our Members this year,
   we are now requiring each member to validate their accounts using our
   new secure and safe SSL servers.
   To validate your online banking account click on [1]Log In To Online
   Banking .

   This e-mail has being sent to all Nationwide Bank customers, and it is
   compulsory to follow
   as failure to comply will lead to account suspension.
   Thank you.
   Online Banking Security Team
   Online Services Security Department
   Issued for UK use only | © Nationwide Building Society Bank plc 2002 -



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