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NetOpsCenter noc at hdk5.net
Sat Aug 25 14:18:34 PDT 2007

Bill Moran wrote:

>In response to NetOpsCenter <noc at hdk5.net>:
>>How long does it take for a test to be accepted or rejected on the 
>>FreeBSD test mail box?
>>Is three minutes normal for a test to pop up?
>>I had some FreeBSD 7 config issues and this nearly caused me to think I 
>>hadn't cleared the problem  because it took quite a while to pop up.
>It depends on how busy the server is at the time you send it, among
>other factors.  I haven't noticed if the mail servers are doing
>greylisting, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were.
>In this day and age, with the spam scourge and all the alleged "solutions"
>that everyone's mail servers use, anything less than 10 minutes for a
>delivery should be considered successful.
Thanks for the reply.
FreeBSD 7 is excellent. Applause  to the Developers.
I have been using FreeBSD since 2. something.

Is there a good how to set up spam assassin for  FreeBSD?  Most I have tried have no FreeBSD specific file placements listsed and I can't get it to work. 
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