Installation Disc Won't Boot

Adam J Richardson fatman at
Fri Aug 24 11:57:57 PDT 2007

lawrence.petrykanyn at wrote:
>   1.  Is there something simple I'm missing?
>   2.  Should I just try downloading (it takes four hours) and burning
>   more copies again?  (I've already done it three times...)
>   3.  Is the fact that I'm burning it in Win98 a problem?
>   4.  Is there anything I can do in FreeBSD 5.4 to see if the file is
>   corrupted?

Hi Larry.

Could it be the quality of the media you're burning to? I don't know if 
it's still a problem, but it used to be. These days I always make sure 
to burn to Verbatim discs, as I've heard many good reports of their 
manufacturing process as compared to others. It could be that you've 
just got a bad batch of discs.

Here's another thought, why not try making a copy of your FreeBSD 5.4 
install disc? That should indicate whether the fault appears at download 
time or burn time.

Adam J Richardson

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