spammers harvesting emaill address from this list

Reid Linnemann lreid at
Thu Aug 23 11:45:13 PDT 2007

Written by Gerard on 08/23/07 10:10>>
> On August 23, 2007 at 10:31AM Jonathan Shoemaker wrote:
>>     fbsd2> Why should the subscribed members have to deal with spam
>>     fbsd2> just for the connivance of people who are too lazy to
>>     fbsd2> subscribe?
>>     fbsd2> This list admin needs to get their priorities straight.
>>     fbsd2> Subscribed members protection comes before the lazy public.
>> A lot of people who migrate to freebsd have never been confronted with
>> anything more complex than windows, so it makes sense to make getting
>> help as easy as possible.  The experience of converting to a *nix
>> system is a daunting one for a first-timer; it takes a whole new shift in
>> thinking, and people adapt at different rates.  Bear in mind, though,
>> that these people may one day end up being the ones to contribute new
>> improvements, ports, assistance, and so forth.  Doesn't it make sense
>> for a free, community supported operating system to provide that
>> support in the easiest manner possible?
> I employed Windows for years before ever venturing to try FBSD. Doing
> that time I subscribed to numerous mailing list. I fail to see any
> correlation between migrating from a Windows based OS to a FBSD one has
> to do with subscribing to a list. Anyone, with the possible exception
> of an AOL'er and an occasional Googler could accomplish that feat.
> Compromising the fundamental security and privacy of the end user is
> more important than servicing those who lack the ability and or
> ambition to subscribe to a mail forum like this.

First, your anonymity and privacy is not under the care of the FreeBSD 
foundation, nor any other public mailing list that you volunteer your 
information to. Second, email is not the back door to your world. An 
email address is a point of contact for some entity on the internet, 
that's all. If you don't want it known, don't submit it a public record. 
Your privacy and security are your own responsibility. Third, this is 
not a forum. It is a mailing list. Mailing lists disseminate messages to 
a list of subscribers. That's all they do. If you want to talk on a 
forum, where your inbox is not involved, I suggest you look in to

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