spammers harvesting emaill address from this list

Eric Crist mnslinky at
Thu Aug 23 07:43:54 PDT 2007

On Aug 23, 2007, at 8:11 AMAug 23, 2007, fbsd2 wrote:

> It only takes 2-3 weeks after changing my email address I use on  
> the list
> before I start receiving spam on the new email address.
> Other non-fbsd lists I belong to remove the posters email address  
> before the
> post gets sent to the list members.
> Why can't this list do the same thing so the posters email address  
> don't
> show up in the archives on the news group servers where spammers  
> harvest the
> posters email address for targeting spam to?

I've been a list a participant for many years, and I've not had a  
huge problem with spam that hasn't been able to be dealt with through  
the use of tools like SpamAssassin and my mail client's built-in anti- 
spam filters.  Unfortunately, there really isn't any way to make 100%  
certain that your email address won't end up on a spammer's list,  
unless you never use the address.  If you're not going to use it,  
however, what's the point.

You've got the right idea by using a different account for list  
messages and such.  Just do your best to use the tools at your disposal.

Eric F Crist
Secure Computing Networks

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