Convince me, please! - too much about "GUI"

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Aug 10 00:53:17 PDT 2007

> idea how, and I was expecting a nice "user-friendly" GUI, like Windoze, but 
> without the constant crashes.

that's what most people expect. and thats why i say:

Windows it the most windows compatible system available. don't change to 

> In 1999 I purchased "The complete FreeBSD, 3rd edition" with CDs included,

in Poland there are lots of books available about linux, none of them 
actually learning anything :)

> and this my second try was a lot more sucessful. I was still after a fancy 
> GUI, but this time I got things working. Not without effort though.
that's good. it forced you to learn.

> Where most Windoze users find Windoze user-friendly, I find it user-hostile, 
> because it hides the simplest things under tons of graphics.

that's makes money. educated and intelligent customer is the worst 
customer! unaware/stupid one will buy everything that will solve the 
problems (and create 2 times more).

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