Convince me, please! - too much about "GUI"

Reid Linnemann lreid at
Thu Aug 9 10:15:13 PDT 2007

Written by Wojciech Puchar on 08/09/07 12:04>>
>> desktop system should be, so FreeBSD with GUI apps _is_
>> -- or can be if you want -- a "perfect desktop system".
> i don't use GUI. it takes a lot and gives nothing. i use both text and 
> graphic (X) based apps and no gui. i use fvwm2 with my config, there are 
> plenty of nice other wm's good for that.
> i need a productive system, no "graphical user interfaces" etc, that let 
> me actually concentrate of what i have to do!
> Most of You needs the same, but after years of aggressive 
> marketing/brainwashing think that "graphical user interfaces", "desktop 
> environments" etc. are important.
> The most stupid but popular claim is that complexity is good.
> this make people work many TIMES slower, both 100% window$ users and 
> 95-99% unix users.
> all of this is needed to convince people that every 1-2 year they need 
> new "modern" computer and the old is worth nothing. and people believe 
> in it.
> their problem, not mine :)

My ten year old niece has been brainwashed by the GUI quagmire. She saw 
my FreeBSD 6-STABLE console on my amd64 3000+ and wanted to know why i 
was using such an "old" computer. She had the visual aspect of the user 
interface ingrained as a measure of the capabilities of the machine. 
Granted, it could be only because she's ten, but I think we'd find a lot 
of people think that something has to have more blinky lights and chrome 
to be better or faster.

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