No updates needed to update system to 6.2-RELEASE-p7?

Rakhesh Sasidharan rakhesh at
Wed Aug 8 11:34:21 PDT 2007


I had asked this question a few days earlier in another thread. Didn't get 
any replies, so asking it again in a post of its own.

My FreeBSD 6.2 system is currently on 6.2-RELEASE-p4. I use 
freebsd-update to keep my system up-to-date and I've noticed that 
offlate there doesn't seem to be any updates to my system. Here's the 
update of a ''freebsd-update fetch'' on my system for instance:

$ freebsd-update fetch
Looking up mirrors... 1 mirrors found.
Fetching metadata signature from done.
Fetching metadata index... done.
Inspecting system... done.
Preparing to download files... done.

No updates needed to update system to 6.2-RELEASE-p7.

$ uname -a
FreeBSD asterix 6.2-RELEASE-p4 FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p4 #0: Thu Apr 26 17:40:53
UTC 2007    root at i386

Is that normal? I mean, there obviously seems to be a 6.2-RELEASE-p7 but 
then why isn't my system getting updated to that? Is it coz I am not using 
the parts that are affected by the patches to 6.2-RELEASE-p7? Or have I 
misconfigured something?


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