FreeBSD Qemu host with 5-8 virtual machines for Linux

Matthias Apitz m.apitz at
Mon Aug 6 05:42:06 PDT 2007

I'm using Qemu (0.8.2) and kqemu (1.3.0.p11) in my FreeBSD 6.2-REL
laptop, but only from time to time, mostly to edit some Winword
docs when the addressed people don't like OpenOffice stuff. 

We are a software company and need to test our applications in
Linux environment. Actually this is done on some Linux host with
6 GByte RAM and VMWare Workstation 4.5.2. It seems that there is
some limitation not allowing more RAM for the guest systems as
real RAM in the host, i.e. 6 GByte as max. I'm thinking in reinstalling
this server with FreeBSD and using Qemu for the VM's. The idea is to
have at least 5-8 VM's running at the same time, each with
1-2 GByte (virt.) RAM. Any comments on this? 

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