parformance patch?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat Aug 4 00:40:25 PDT 2007

>> loaded servers for over a year with FreeBSD 6.2
> Lucky you ;) Doesn't mean that parts of the kernel you're not using
> can handle it.

well - it exactly mean that it can :)

>> better.
>> patched vm_fault make pageins faster, but not pageout. disks often does
>> write caching clustering pageouts anyway, but probably not that efficient.
> This is pageout, not pagein.  Probably the negative effect is that the
> when paging out the system does I/O in larger chunks, improving swap
> throughput but increasing delays for other applications.

actually i tested changing it to 64 it was positive improvement, but after 
shutting down kernel crashed.

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