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Greg Groth ggroth at
Fri Sep 22 08:26:14 PDT 2006

hackmiester (Hunter Fuller) wrote:
> On 22 September 2006, at 09:24, Greg Groth wrote:
>> Mario Lobo wrote:
>>> On Friday 22 September 2006 02:33, Bill Moran wrote:
>>>> jekillen <jekillen at> wrote:
>>>>> Hello again;
>>>>> With FreeBSD and in general, If the monitor is turned off
>>>>> is it safe to disconnect it from the machine while the machine
>>>>> is running?
>>>>> AMD64 socket 754 with separate PCI video card on ECS
>>>>> motherboard; no Xwindows installed. if it makes a difference.
>>>>> want to run the machine headless without shutting it down to
>>>>> switch the monitor to another machine.
>>>> Yes.  It's safe to do that with any OS I'm familiar with.
>>> And the keyboard & mouse too.
> The keyboard and mouse are NOT supposed to be hot plugged if they are 
> PS/2 (although I must admit I haven't had any issues, but I wouldn't 
> risk a dead PS/2 controller on a production box). USB ones don't care. 
> The neat thing about that is you can have your machine boot with no 
> keyboard, you can plug in a USB one and then hook up a monitor and have 
> a head all of a sudden. This is handy when your box's sshd dies for some 
> reason, which has happened to me once...
>> I've never had any issues, provided I set the option to NOT halt on 
>> keyboard errors at boot in the bios.
>> Best regards,
>> Greg Groth

I've never hot-swapped a keyboard, although I have unplugged one from a 
running machine with no issues.

Best regards,
Greg Groth

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