amd ports

eoghan eoghanj at
Wed Sep 20 04:20:03 PDT 2006

Just a general question about the ports for freebsd. I am now running 
6.1 on amd64. Got most of what I need, but noticed that some ports are 
only i386 - like the flock browser and skype. Obviously I can live 
without these but was just wondering if there is a place I could check 
to see whether these would be available for amd in the future?
Also, in relation to the flash questions recently on the list: I 
installed the linux-flock port (on amd) and it works great. I installed 
flash through the broswer itself (when you go to a site that requires 
flash and prompts you to download the additional software). So sites 
like youtube work perfect with that, in case anyone wanted to use this 
instead of firefox (which its based on I believe).

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