rebooting into single user mode on a remote server

Bob bob at
Mon Sep 18 13:07:53 PDT 2006

On Monday 18 September 2006 13:51, backyard wrote:

> By call-back mode do you mean log into the system via
> network and have it call your local system for
> administration

No.... modems like the US Robotics V.Everything can be programmed with a 
call-back feature. You dial up the modem, it askes you for a password, you 
supply the password, and it then hangs up on you, picks up the line, and 
calls back a configured phone number. You program the modem to call YOU back 
on a number which has a modem connected, and waiting for an inbound data 
call..... your modem answers, and you are connected. You then negotiate 
access to the server (name/passwd) over the serial link.
If the remote is connected to the the target serial port consol, you have a 
pretty hack-proof (nothing is really hack-proof) console access. The modem 
will only call a pre-set number, so even if someone got your password, the 
modem would only call you, not the hacker.

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