What do I need in FreeBSD 6.1 OS to be able to read a USB Dane/Electric 256 MB thumb drive?

Jona Joachim jaj13 at web.de
Fri Sep 15 15:38:25 PDT 2006

ograbme wrote:
> Howdy.
> I've been going round and round here trying to simply read a USB thumb
> drive.  I've searched many web sites, read the various messages on
> this list, the Handbook and other sources, but nothing is very clear
> to me at the moment.  I think I have bits and pieces, but haven't been
> able to put together the puzzle yet, soooooo ...
> So here is a clip of my dmesg text ...  Note: I haven't included the
> whole dmesg output ... if need be, please advise.


> I see no references to umass and/or da0 which I have come across in my
> readings. In the /dev file there are two devices, usb and usb0, so I
> tried mounting each one of these devices separately, but had no luck.
> Obviously I'm missing something here, so any reasonably detailed
> pointers would be appreciated.
> At the moment I'm not concerned with USB 2.0.  LOL!
> Thanks in advance.

Do you have a custom built kernel? If so, did you include the umass and
da drivers?
What does 'kldstat -v | grep umass' say?


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